The Toyota MR2 is among the automakers well-regarded performance models from the 1980s and 90s. They are fairly rare in the United States, but the 25-year import rule in America means that its possible to bring Japanese and European examples into the country. In this video, Pacific Coast Auto shows off one thats coming to the U.S. from Japan, but the new owner has a whole lot of work to do on it. 

This 1992 MR2 is far from being in pristine condition. The body features lots of little bits of chipped paint, discolored sections, scratches, and other blemishes. Other than a few bubbles, rust doesnt appear to be a major concern. One of the coolest parts of the exterior is the MR2 sticker on the lower door panel that shows not just the model name, but also the engine designation, horsepower, and torque output. If anyone ever has a question about the car, the owner can just point there first.

The interior is even worse. The drivers seat has a massive rip in the bolster, and the radio is gone. The air conditioning doesnt work, either. 

Unfortunately, the engine needs some mechanical assistance, too. It idles smoothly but sounds like there might be a variety of issues, including sticking valves, an exhaust leak, and possibly even a misfire. None of these issues keep the mill from running, but the owner should consider rectifying them to get the most from the turbocharged four-cylinder.

Given this MR2s flaws, it might be ideal for conversion into a track car. The aesthetic issues wouldnt matter, and the new owner could focus on making the powertrain better.

If you keep your fingers crossed, theres a possibility that Toyota might revive the MR2 (rendered above). Rumors suggest that Toyota wants to return to offering three tiers of dedicated sports cars in its lineup. Since the new Surpa is on the way, and the 86 has a new generation coming, then the next addition might be a spiritual successor to the MR2.

Source: Pacific Coast Auto via YouTube

Source: Motor1

February 12, 2019