Wheels Magazine

Probably Australia’s best-known motoring magazine, Wheels serves a broad range of interests for car enthusiasts, putting it firmly in the best position to report on all aspects of the Holden Commodore – from its value as a family car to its ability to put a smile on your face.

Wheels’ first road test of the first Commodore

‘Farewell Commodore’ photoshoot

To mark the end of Holdens Australian manufacturing, Wheels invited more than 50 faithful owners to the Lions Lang Lang proving ground for one more hurrah.

Commodore wins 2007 Car of the Year

The Generals billion-dollar baby is no immaculate conception, but it meets the COTY criteria better than any other new car of 2006.

Raw vs Refined: Taking on Europes best

Peter Robinson had a sugary smile after Australia’s SV5000 out-performed three sweet Europeans.

MOTOR Magazine

If you want fast and fun cars, MOTOR is where you turn. What better magazine to cover off all things V8.

Whether SS or HSV, MOTOR has driven (or thrashed on track) and documented the high-performance sedans which kept our love of V8 muscle alive.

Around Australia in 6 days

For our 50th birthday, we went for a celebratory lap of the map in a Commodore SS – and picked up a new record!

Holdens 10 best performance Commodores

From VB to VFII, we gather the hottest-ever Holden Commodores - according to us – for the big hurrah at the end of the locally-made Commodore’s lifespan.

HSV W427 vs V8 Supercar

HSV is part of the reason Holdens have been going so fast all these years. In 2008 we compared road and race HSVs on track and Garth Tander crashed the road car!

The History of HSV: 1987-2017

In 30 years HSV had transformed and defined much of Australias muscle car heritage, and it couldn’t have done it without Holden.

The final Aussie Commodores

We followed along the final hours of Commodore production, and reported on the last few to roll off the line.


Streetie has been writing about wild custom Commodores built for the street and the strip since the very beginning.

A rich history of custom culture means the team at SMis the best place to find out what enthusiasts with imagination can do with one of Australia’s icons.

Jet Martins 4000hp VB Commodore

Jet Martins version of the very-first Commodore is a state-of-the-art radial drag car, but wrapped in the original steel body. Powered by a 4000hp twin turbo big block, the VB won the $50,000 Grudge Kings race in Sydney earlier this year, before being shipped to the USA to take on the worlds best. And the steel-body Commodore came through, winning the hearts of the yanks and finishing in the top eight at the fiercely-competitive No Mercy event in South Georgia.

ST1NKY: LS3-powered 1983 Holden VH Commodore SL/E

Craig Morrows VH is a fine example of what a high-end show and go street machine looks like in 2018. The car is bristling with innovative features, won the Tuff Street Champion gong at Street Machine Summernats 30 and is packing a lazy 1000hp thanks to a 427ci LS-based V9 that is topped by an intercooled Whipple supercharger.

History of the Holden Commodore part four: VE-VF models

There is a common trope online to dismiss the 40 year history of the Commodore because it was just an Opel. This four-part series by Dave Carey takes this arguement apart piece by piece! 

LS1-powered 1985 BT1 police-spec Holden VK Commodore

Commodores served many roles over their 40 year history, including as a tool of the highway patrol. This one has been restored to the hilt, is bristling with period accessories and has had a slight upgrade in the engine department. 

ALLSHOW: 7-Second Holden VK Commodore

Early Commodores are very popular in the fast street car scene, but few are as fast - or as well presented - as Adam Rogashs VK Brock tribute. ​

Unique Cars Magazine

Join Glenn Torrens for a run-through of the generations of local Commodore.

Your guide to buying the first Brock Commodore.

John Bowe looks back at the all-HDT VC Commodore event at Calder Park, the 1980 Race of Champions.

The first Commodore launched on 26 October 1978 - almost 34 years ago. And its hard to imagine any future local model ever generating the same level of excitement and anticipation again.

Watching the last of the local Lions come down the line.

Source: Whichcar

October 29, 2018