Its that time of the year again when people of the Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) grab their pollution masks and try to avoid the alarming levels of air pollution that poses a grave threat to our very existence. Its an issue that we have created ourselves and are reaping issues of what weve sowed. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the air quality in Delhi and adjoining areas continued to remain very poor as the Air Quality Index (AQI) at 9 a.m was recorded at 368. As the pollution level in the city gets deteriorated day-by-day, doctors are advising residents to take precautions and avoid physical activity outdoors as much as possible when the pollutant levels are extremely high. While there will always be the larger debate on how much do vehicles actually contribute to air pollution in NCR, the fact of the matter is the issue is as real and serious as it gets and is affecting each one of us. So, as vehicle owners, you can do your part to combat air pollution.

  1. Its time to send your vehicle for a complete service so that all issues can be addressed. Please check the pollution certificate as well of the vehicle, which might need to be renewed if your vehicle is old.
  2. Make sure your vehicles fuel filter, oil filter and air filter have been cleaned. The carbon filter from the silencer also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Ensure that you have the optimum tyre pressure so the engine is not strained unnecessarily and you get higher fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions.
  3. Diesel car owners need to particularly check components like diesel particular filters (DPFs) are in good working order. They can work less well, and cost a lot in repairs if theyve not been used properly.

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  4. A smart move would be to avoid peak hours for driving. Not only do you save time, but also consume lesser fuel and emit lower emissions. It would also be smart if you plan your travel before leaving home. Combine a couple of errands together in one trip. Cars pollute less when they are warmed up.
  5. Its time to start carpooling if you havent already. Fewer cars on the road mean lesser emissions, and we are sure you can make use of that.
  6. Unless you drive a Tesla Model X in Delhi with the bio-hazard mode, make sure you also service your air conditioning system. While lowering pollution remains a concern, you can at least try and minimise the amount of toxic air that inside the cabin. You might even want to invest in a car air purifier. Yes, they make those now too!

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  7. Avoid using a vehicle altogether if you have an alternate, safe, and at times, a faster public transport option. With the expanded metro line in Delhi and more frequency of buses, it just might be a good option. Hailing a ride-sharing cab is also a good option.

Source: CarAndBike

November 2, 2018