Trying something new can be difficult.

Not just for people, as we’re often comfortable in our ways, but also car companies. Take the Alfa Romeo Stelvio for example.

The Italian brand has begun rebuilding itself as a serious luxury player and that means it needed to enter the SUV market for the first time. Its debut offering is the Stelvio and we’ve had mixed experiences with it so far.

The high-performance V6 Stelvio Q has impressed while the more humble 2.0-litre models havent won us over. So how will the new Stelvio Ti - a model that sits between them - fare? It combines the sportier intentions of the Q with an uprated version of the 2.0-litre petrol engine.

Is it right for me?

The problem we have had with the entry-level Stelvio is it overly sporty for a family SUV, with fast steering and a responsive chassis. It’s a character that is obviously Alfa Romeo at its core but one feels at odds with the concept of a luxury mid-size family SUV.

With the Stelvio Q still a few months away the Ti represents the first step up in performance for the new model and it makes its sportiness feela little more appropriate. If you just want a comfortable luxury SUV for the family then there are arguably better choices (most noticeably the Volvo XC60) but for those who are looking to for a more engaging driving experience then the Stelvio Ti might be just for you.

Source: Drive

December 6, 2018