This isnt a race car even though it wears a badge of honour from within Aston Martins motorsport division.

Aston Martin has moved to replace the regular V12-powered DB11 with an upgraded AMR (Aston Martin Racing) variant just two years after it was first launched, further separating - and defining - the flagship from the more affordable V8 variants that sit below it, and inching it closer to the harder, sharper DBS Superleggera above it.

The DB11 is the first in a series of AMR versions of other models, including the Rapide sedan and an upcoming variant of the new Vantage, which are intended to sit as the pinnacle in each model line.

For the big two-plus-two-seater coupe, that means more power from its twin-turbo charged 5.2-litre V12, uprated suspension and a host of lightweight parts - all designed to file a sharper edge on the Grand Tourer.

Is it right for me?

If youre already lucky (and wealthy) enough to have a DB11 in the garage, you probably wont be rushing out to trade it on the AMR as the changes dont alter the look or driving character of the car drastically.

But if youre looking for a gorgeous grand tourer that wouldnt look out of place pulling up to a red carpet event or, on the other side of the coin, blasting along a back country road then the Aston Martin has but only a handful of rivals.

It is a multi-dimensional sports coupe that is supremely easy to live with, sitting somewhere between the Bentley Continental GT and Ferrari GTC4 Lusso on the dynamic spectrum.

Source: Drive

October 29, 2018