Remember a few months ago when Jaguar announced it would be offering reversible EV motors to all of its E-Type owners?

Well, now Aston Martin is in on the action, today unveiling a pristine 1970 DB6 Mk2 Volante with the company’s first reversible electric drivetrain.

The EV powertrain conversion is the flagship product of Aston’s new Heritage EV program, and is being used to “future-proof” its classic fleet against future increased emissions restrictions.

Essentially, the reversible EV powertrain is a way for the company’s stunning line-up to live on in a zero-emission world without subjecting owners to a permanent, electric conversion.

Borrowing much of the know-how and componentry from Aston’s Rapide E program, the above DB6 features an EV ‘cassette’ (battery) sitting under the bonnet within its own self-contained cell, but on top of the original engine and gearbox mounting points (they were for a 282-bhp 3,995-cc straight-six and ZF five-speed manual in the Volante’s case).

What the brand calls ‘umbilical cords’ are then fed from the main power unit to drive the car’s electrical systems. The only cosmetic change is a touchscreen that’s been ‘discreetly fitted’ into the cabin to monitor the power outlay. Even the fuel gauge remains intact.

Heritage EV conversions could begin as early as next year, depending on customer feedback, although a price has yet to be officially confirmed.

Source: Driving

December 5, 2018