As we noted yesterday, Bugatti is marking 110 years of operation in 2019 with a special edition called “110 Ans Bugatti” (100 years of Bugatti), based on a special, tightened-chassis edition (Chiron Sport) of the segment-busting Chiron (pronounced she-ron) hypercar. Now we have something else, this one rumoredfor Geneva from Bugatti, and it could be big: a super-exclusive edition, which comes with an equally exclusive eight-figure price tag.

We’re talking $18 million big -- or about 16 million euros if the rumors are to be believed. The company, according to TheSupercarBlog, will reveal a one-off hypercar built for Dr. Ferdinand Piech, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, former Volkswagen chairman and the one who brought VW and Bugatti together.

We don’t know much about the new one-off, but we’d guess it’ll be based on the Chiron (as was the Divo) and will be powered by Piech’s brainchild 8.0-liter, W16 engine. We know that 300 mph is within range -- though Bugatti says it’s not focusing on that right now -- and that you won’t be able to buy one, even if you have $20 million in the bank. It pays to be the boss, ladies and gentlemen.

We’ll have boots on the ground in Geneva in March and hopefully we’ll learn more.

H/T: TheSupercarBlog

Source: Autoweek

February 12, 2019