General Motors is working on the next-generation Cadillac Escalade and the new SUV already looks promising. Meanwhile, Cadillac and aftermarket companies are busy giving the current model a proper sendoff with special editions and wild tuning projects. AddArmor, a company founded by Special Operations and law-enforcement veterans, joins the party with a new armored Escalade which, frankly, looks quite badass.

Indeed, it looks like the vehicle we would drive when the apocalypse comes and AddArmor pretty much says it will survive all kinds of attacks. For starters, its levels of ballistic and explosive protection allow it to withstand high-velocity 30-06, 7.62, and .556 munitions. The armored Escalade uses two-inch-thick ballistic glass capable of stopping high-powered rifle rounds.

All that’s impressive, but what amazes us is that AddArmor uses an alternative to traditional thick steel plates armoring which usually adds a lot of weight. Instead, the company relies on carbon-composite panels that are nearly 10 times stronger than ballistic steel but weigh around 60 percent less.

“The AddArmor Executive Protection Package Escalade really represents the pinnacle of what we offer in terms executive protection and comfort,” AddArmor President, Jeff Engen Anderson, comments. “Our Executive Protection Package is focused on seamlessly pairing world-class security with an incredibly impressive suite of amenities to enhance client productivity and relaxation while traveling.”

Anderson is referring to the additional cabin space of this Escalade which features a roof raised by 4.5 inches. On the inside, the headliner is wrapped in Alcantara above color-shifting ambient LED lighting. Onboard there’s also a 32-inch HD smart TV, as well as Wi-Fi hotspot, Sony sound system with iPod/iPhone compatibility, and a 360-degree camera system.

To ensure the Escalade copes fine with the added weight, AddArmor also installs a heavier-duty suspension and larger brakes for more stopping power.

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Source: AddArmor

Source: Motor1

February 12, 2019