Cadillac showed off images of its first full-electric vehicle mid-January, confirming reports the brand would be the one to launch GM’s new BEV3 battery-driven vehicle platform, which will underpin a variety of body styles.

General Motors said Cadillac “will be at the vanguard of the company’s move towards an all-electric future,” beginning with this crossover model with a yet-unrevealed name.

Details about the vehicle were also being kept under wraps until closer to its launch date, which GM did not announce.

The new platform will be flexible, and adaptable to front-, rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations. It can also be transformed rapidly, for a “short design and development lead time,” allowing the automaker to more quickly respond to changing consumer tastes.

“The most advanced components within this platform are the drive units and battery cells, both of which are being designed for maximum usability throughout GM vehicle lineups in different countries,” Cadillac said in a release. The BEV3 platform will underpin multiple future Cadillac body styles.

Cadillac plans on releasing roughly one new vehicle every six months, including a forthcoming new performance sedan; and a refresh of its popular Escalade SUV.

Don’t expect to see a new Chevrolet Volt out of GM any time soon, though; incoming GM president Mark Reuss confirmed the automaker would no longer build any sort of hybrid vehicle, focusing its efforts instead on fully battery-powered vehicles.

Source: Driving

January 14, 2019