Speedkore has made a name for themselves replacing steel, aluminum, and fiberglass body panels with carbon fiber, specifically on muscle cars from the current Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to the 1970 Dodge Charger and Plymouth Barracuda.

If theres anything the Demon has to apologize for, its its weight, which hovers around 2 1/4 tons in stock configuration (a little less if you opted to forego a passenger seat, trunk carpeting, or other niceties). Carrying all that heft around doesnt seem to hurt straight-line performance, though; weve all heard the incredible figures before: 0-60 in under three seconds, with the quarter mile coming in well under the ten second mark. Its impressive to say the least.

Speedkore has made the supercharged Demon even more impressive with two very large changes: they replaced the entire body with lightweight carbon fiber. Then, they swapped the stock supercharger for a pair of turbochargers, boosting horsepower all the way to over 1,200 at the wheels – one and a half times its factory horsepower rating at the crank. That results in a downright amazing quarter mile time of 8.7 seconds at a blistering 162 miles per hour, according to Road & Track.

Keep in mind, this was accomplished with a car thats road registered, with headlights, taillights, turn signals, airbags, air conditioning, power windows, and cruise control. Our minds are blown sky high.

While the stock Demons angry supercharger whine sounds pretty evil, the spool of the twin turbochargers sound downright diabolical. Originally built for last years SEMA show, this carbon fiber Demon has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that its more than just a pretty face.

Source: Road & Track via That Racing Channel on YouTube

Source: Motor1

March 15, 2019