Ah, 2019. Even now, it sounds so futuristic, so wondrous, so full of potential. We thought wed be colonizing Mars and driving flying cars by now. Instead, 2019 is a time when your electronic pencil prevents you from unlocking your car. What a time to be alive.

According to our friends at The Drive, owners of the Apple Pencil 2 are reporting issues using their cars electronic keyfob while the pencil is charging. Before we get into that, lets take a step back and explain what the Apple Pencil 2 does in the first place.

The Apple Pencil 2 is a peripheral for the iPad Pro that resembles a stylus. Its a useful tool for artists and other creative types to sketch out ideas on the go. One cool feature of the Pencil 2 compared to the previous model is inductive charging. It attaches to the iPad Pro magnetically and wirelessly charges it. Cool.

Whats not cool, though, is that, when charging, the Apple Pencil 2 generates frequencies that can interfere with some car key fobs. Its not a huge issue, but an annoying one – youll have to either manually unlock your car, or separate the Apple Pencil 2 from your iPad Pro prior to unlocking it.

Unlike software bugs, this problem cant simply be patched out – its hardware related. Apples fix? Like we said above, separating the Pencil from the iPad Pro solves the problem. During regular use, the Pencil generates frequencies in a completely different range that poses no problems for remote keyfobs. Its only a problem when its connected and charging.

The good news for owners of these devices are that it doesnt seem to affect every car keyfob, only some of them. If you happen to own an Apple Pencil 2 and youve had issues unlocking your car, let us know what you drive in the comments below.

Source: The Drive

Source: Motor1

April 18, 2019