Ford is celebrating Saint Patricks Day the only way it knows how: by painting the Mustang green. Last year the Pony Car hulked-out for the holiday with an eye-searingNeed for Green paint job and black stripes. This year, though, Ford is taking a subtler approach with its clover-inspired makeover. Except now its draped over the brands most powerful performance car.

The2020 Shelby GT500 pictured here wears a special shade of Grabber Lime for Saint Patricks Day. The color draws inspiration from vintage Mustangs of the 1970s, says Ford, and is one of four new shades for the Mustang lineup in 2020. The others, Twister Orange (which we saw on the$1.1 million GT500 at Barrett-Jackson) , Iconic Silver, and Red Hot Metallic also join the range for 2020. No word on how much extra these special colors will cost, though (if they cost anything at all).

"These bright, vibrant retro colors are trending in design – in home furnishings, sportswear, and even appliances," Barb Whalen, Ford color and materials manager notes in the release. "Aspirational and confident, they are fun, youthful colors that make a statement of how you want the world to see you and who you want to be. And your car is an extension of that."

The 2020 Ford Mustang – including the potent 700-horsepower (521-kilowatt) Shelby GT500 – hits dealers this fall. We dont know how much the range-topping Shelby will cost, but Ford promises a sub-11-second quarter mile time and a 0-60 mile-per-hour (96 kilometer-per-hour) sprint of around three seconds. So, you’ll need the luck of the Irish to tame this snake.

Source: Ford

Source: Motor1

March 15, 2019