LAKEVILLE, IN– Hoosier is proud to release a new FVS (Formula Vee Spec) compound specially formulated to meet the elevated durability and consistency requirements of all Formula Vee competitors nationwide. These tires were developed in an effort to curb racing expenses, create driver parity, and promote the cost effectiveness of the class to help foster future growth. Teams will also be required to utilize Hoosier’s WET compound in rain conditions.

The new FVS compound shares similar design criteria to Hoosier’s popular R7 compound, which is well known for its consistency over several heat cycles in grueling track conditions. The construction has also been enhanced to provide more stability and grip – helping to offset the reduced traction in the compound. The specifications on the FVS tires are listed below.

Item # Tire Size Tread Width Approx. Dia. Approx. Circ. Recom. Rim Measured Rim Section Width Compound 2019 MSRP
43337 21.0x5.0-15 C4000 5.0" 21.2" 66.5" 4.0" 4.0" 5.5" FVS $192.00
43353 22.5x5.5-15 C4000 5.5" 21.9" 69.0" 4.0" 4.0" 6.5" FVS $205.00
44266 22.5x5.0-15 5.0" 22.0" 69.2" 4.0" 4.0" 6.5" WET $208.00

For more information or to place an order, please contact your nearest Hoosier Racing Tire Distributor.

October 27, 2018