The India-made Hyundai i20 hatchback, which is exported to the South African markets has recently scored 3-star rating in a recent crash test conducted by the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP). The Hyundai i20, along with a few other models, was tested for its crashworthiness as part of Global NCAPs Safer Cars for Africa campaign. The safety watchdog chose only the entry-level variant of the Hyundai i20, which was tested for frontal impact at a speed of 64 kmph.

As already mentioned, the Hyundai i20 scored 3 stars for adult occupant safety, whereas for child occupant safety, the car was given just 2 stars. In fact, Global NCAPs report also said that the vehicle structure was rated as unstable as well as the footwell area. The crash test report revealed that the protection provided to both the driver and front passengers head and the latters left shin were good. The protection provided to the drivers chest, thighs and feet were just marginal, and adequate for both the shins. On the other hand, the protection provided to the front passengers chest and right leg was adequate and just marginal for the passengers left thigh.

The India-made Hyundai i20 that was tested by the Global NCAP came with the driver and front passenger airbags as standard, along with seatbelt pre-tensioners for both front passengers and seatbelt reminder for the driver. As for the i20 receiving a two-star rating for child occupant protection, the report stated that it was because of the limited protection offered to the 3-year-old dummy and lack of ISOFIX anchorages.

The report also pointed out that the structural integrity of the i20 is different to that of the European model, and the car sold in South Africa also misses out on safety equipment like Electronic Stability Control (ESC), side body airbags and side curtain airbags which are standard in the European-spec i20.

Source: CarAndBike

November 2, 2018