Proof that Japan really does get all the best things has arrived in the form of the Toyota GT86 British Green Limited.

It’s a special edition that, without stating the bleedin’ obvious, comes in British Racing Green, with a side order of tan leather and gold wheels. It looks magnificent.

Naturally, there’s no extra power – there never has been with factory-made ’86 specials – so you’re stuck with the 197bhp 2.0-litre Boxer that provides modest, rather than hair-raising acceleration.

There are bigger Brembo brakes tucked behind those alloys, though, which are incidentally lighter than standard, while there are Sachs dampers like in a Yaris GRMN. Purists rejoice. They’ll also rejoice at the interior pictures above, which show an interior shorn of an infotainment system.

JDM GT86s can be bought in very basic spec, don’t forget, all the better for those planning to modify them within an inch of their life to make track and drift hero cars. But given one of Britain’s (current) core values is listening to nasty radio phone-ins full of phrases like ‘no deal’ and ‘backstop’, we’d argue you need some semblance of a radio to properly fulfil this car’s nametag.

Anyway, it comes with the usual manual and automatic options (pick the former) and starts at 3.25m yen, or about £23,000. Cheaper than GT86s cost here in Britain, you’ll note. So it really isn’t a proper tribute, huh?

Source: TopGear

February 13, 2019