A Kia concept car originally shown in India is set to make its debut on North American soil: behold the SP, a subcompact crossover aimed at Millennial and young drivers.

The vehicle’s launch is part of a larger scheme for Kia to get back on top in the US market, a plan involving bringing large SUVs and even trucks like the Santa Cruz to market.

The name might change when it comes over, but in India, the vehicle will be called the “Tusker.” For now, we’ll just call it the SP.

Kia says the SP is “geared to satisfy young Indian consumers who seek the perfect combination of sophisticated beauty, breakthrough technology and high functionality,” and hopes that it will “set new standards for compact SUVs in India.”

Kia also touted the technology of the vehicle, calling it “futuristic,” with “bold styling”.

AutoGuidereports the SP is set to be released in 2019 along with a host of other new cars from Kia, including the previously mentioned Telluride three-row SUV, revealed just a couple months ago. Other vehicles Kia is betting on to win over us fickle North American bunch are the Niro and Niro EV, and the new Soul and Soul EV.

For Kia to succeed, they not only need to sell vehicles North Americans want but also to decrease the cost of them; they plan on doing this by retooling and building the vehicles on American soil to avoid tariffs.

Source: Driving

October 29, 2018