Nothing is confirmed, but Ford has given some clues to suggest a possible four-door version of the Mustang may live in the line-up alongside the regular Mustang and the SUV-ified version it’s recently teased.

Although Ford is pulling most of its car lineup off the streets for 2020 in North America, it seems the models that will stay will extend their platforms to other segments of the automotive industry.

The only nameplates set to stay on our shores are pickups, SUVs, and the Mustang, but it seems the traditional term for “Mustang” might not just encompass a two-door rear-wheel-drive sports car anymore.

In a presentation to dealerships, reports, Ford outlined a possible four-door version of the Mustang powered by a twin-turbo V8 with technology similar to the EcoBoost four-cylinder. If built, it would make for a pretty strong case against the Panamera and the Audi A7, even as a budget option.

We likely won’t see the four-door version until the next generation Mustang if Ford does decide to build it at all, but the addition of the twin-turbo V8 gives us hope for other projects in the lineup, including that engine making its way onto the regular Mustang.

Source: Driving

October 30, 2018