We’re used to seeing some pretty intense performance machines in the vicinity of Jay Leno, but the comedian and car connoisseur apparently has a taste for modern American luxury as well. Case-in-point, this mildly customized Lincoln Navigator that arrived in Las Vegas for display at this year’s SEMA Show. If you think such a machine seems a bit tame for the insanity that is SEMA, you’re not wrong. However, Lincoln does offer quite a bit of personalization and customization through its Black Label line, and this celebrity-ordered SUV goes a bit further yet.

The posh Navigator starts life with the Black Label Yacht Club theme, which includes a Chroma Crystal Blue exterior with more blue inside in contrasting light and dark shades. From there, Galpin Motors & Auto Sports in Van Nuys performed additional customization that, according to Lincoln, stays “on point” with the brand. The exterior receives a two-tone repaint with a dark tint to the windows – a Hollywood must-have feature for hiding from the paparazzi. Continuing with the darker theme, chrome accents on the exterior are toned down, and the Navigator is fitted with distinctive turbine wheels. Inside sees the aforementioned color accents, along with a bit more leather infused into the cockpit.

“Lincoln Navigator has an incredibly strong presence,” says Robert Parker, director of marketing, sales, and service for Lincoln. “Even after adding personalized touches through the customization process, it remains instantly recognizable as a Lincoln.”

The SUV’s powertrain is left untouched, but when you literally have a car with a freaking tank engine in your garage, there isn’t really a need to go mod-crazy on your daily driver. Still, the Navigator isn’t a slouch with 450 horsepower on-tap from the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. 

The new Leno-approved Navigator is holding station with the former talk-show host at SEMA through November 2.

Source: Lincoln

Source: Motor1

November 1, 2018