The racing version of the new mid-engine C8 Corvette was spied racing late at night at the famous Sebring circuit, and as you might notice watching footage of the spot, it was making a rather unusual exhaust sound.

Chevrolet still hasn’t confirmed the existence of the mid-engine Corvette yet, but we’ve been spotting test prototypes for a little more than a year now.

The existence of a racing-spec C8.R, or a car that seems suspiciously like one, tells us a lot about the hopefully-forthcoming supercar.

As the C8.R comes toward the camera, you think maybe the sounds are coming from a neighboring Ferrari, but nope, they’re coming from the Corvette.

Instead of the usual low, throaty grunt of a big-bore American V8, a smooth, high-pitched almost-European tone comes out of the Corvette’s exhaust.

Corvette race cars do not use the same engines as the street cars; for example, the C7.R used a 5.5-litre LT5 engine that produced a full 100 horsepower less than the street version, which was 6.2 litres.

It’s possible the C8R will also not use a conventional engine or share its powerplant with the street version; from the sounds of things, anyway, it could instead even be rocking a flat-plane crank like in the Shelby GT350.

Rumours this vehicle could be powered by a V6 are not backed up by much evidence, but the sounds coming out of the new car sure don’t mimic what Corvette fans are used to.

Source: Driving

December 7, 2018