Colin Chapman is widely credited with coining the creed “simplify and add lightness.”

Whether that attribution is accurate or not is up for debate, but what cannot be disputed is that the company’s current owners are determined to drag the British marque into the 21st century.

They’re thinking—”simplify and add electrons,” and why not?

It’s been a minute since Lotus introduced a new car; over ten years, in fact. Earlier this year, the brand confirmed at the Shanghai Auto Show it’d be unveiling an all-electric hypercar, dubbed the Type 130.

We now know it is set to appear at an event in London in mid-July, on the 16. Thanks to a new teaser video, we also have a clue as to a few of its details.

Kicking off with a panning shot of a badge reading “Hand built in Britain by Lotus” should have petrolheads across the U.K. beaming with national pride. That same badge is then shown residing underneath a retractable cover, whose panel also houses a charging port.

That port, by the way, seems shaped to accept electricity from fast-chargers, meaning even if the Type 130’s battery pack is small, it won’t take long to refill.

Beyond that, the car is a bit of mystery. One can assume the red trim bookending the charging port opening’s edges are tail lamps, while the illuminated ‘L O T U S’ billboard is a slick interpretation of the traditional badge found on cars like the Elise and Evora.

Betting on all-wheel drive is a smart move, since most performance vehicles powered by electrons send juice to the four corners thanks to two or more electric motors.

Interested? The car should begin finding its way into customer hands sometime next year.

Source: Driving

May 31, 2019