Lotus has confirmed it intends on building just 130 versions of its exciting new electric hypercar – the hypercar that goes by the codename ‘Type 130’. We’ll see all of it – more than just a green whisp or the rear charging point cover above – on 16 July.

First announced at the Shanghai Motor Show in April this year, Lotus has not only confirmed the very, very basic details, the build numbers and indeed the day we’ll finally see it, but also that “several hundred potential owners” want a piece of it. We suspect it’ll probably sell out before its unveil, such is the way with these things.

And what a Thing it promises to be. It’s fully-electric, and – according to what new boss Phil Popham told TG.com earlier in the year – will be “sensational” to drive.

“It is a statement of intent,” Popham told TopGear.com. “It will showcase the expertise that we’ve got – we’re a pioneering, entrepreneurial brand. And when you see the car, it will make a statement about design direction.

“It won’t just be a car that’s stand-out and unique. It’ll be a Lotus, with Lotus DNA, and elements of that will appear on future cars,” Popham added.

Lotus hasn’t yet confirmed anything of note about the Type 130, other than its dynamic polish, likely seven-figure asking price and low volume, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out just what form this will take. Stay tuned…

Source: TopGear

May 31, 2019