Luxury clothing manufacturer Belstaff and sports car manufacturer McLaren have teamed up to offer a line of clothing that is both stylish and functional, for the automaker’s accessory line.

The jewel of the collection is the leather jacket, which looks like a classic moto jacket but has some technology built in to keep you comfortable while you drive your supercar.

The leather around the armpits is perforated for temperature regulation; the side panels are made of jersey material to increase movement when you’ve got it all crossed up; and the zippers are waterproof for when you start drooling.

The only clue McLaren had anything to do with this, though, is a little rubberized patch on the left sleeve.

There’s some other stuff in the lineup as well, like a $210 white button-up; and a couple of sweaters which probably shouldn’t be worth $675.

The clothing is actually a bargain compared to what Belstaff pieces normally cost, although if you’re going to buy clothing via a collaboration line with a supercar brand, wouldn’t you want the styling to be a little bit, I dunno, interesting?

The styles shown here could pretty much be bought at any Wal-Mart in the world—I mean really, is it smart to pay $1,600 for a simple leather jacket that has a small “McLaren” badge on the arm?

Honestly, for designer clothing, the prices aren’t too bad, and they aren’t gaudy, but they also aren’t super-interesting, which might be the point of the whole exercise. We’re sick of car companies licensing out their logos to cheap brands just so they can add another $500 to the price when they’re still going to fall apart four months later.

At the very least, we’re thankful McLaren didn’t go down the road of Ferrari: buy one of its jackets and you look like the manager of the F1 team just walking down the street.

Source: Driving

November 8, 2018