As holiday shoppers begin to panic over what to buy the person in their life who has everything, McLaren is introducing the potential solution: a LEGO version of one of their sports cars.

McLaren’s marketing division has been super cheeky as of late. First theyteased the promised 720S drop-top in November with a litany of spider-based puns, and now they’re drawing attention to a new LEGO McLaren something-or-other (pretty certain it’s a Senna, but more on that below) with a press release that’s part propaganda, part paparazzi and part riddle.

“A new McLaren has been spotted during dynamic testing ahead of its introduction in January,”the releasereads. “The car’s brick-based construction has made it necessary for development to move from McLaren’s usual secret facility near Idiada in Spain to a busy LEGO® Store in Central London. Under the camouflaged body, the shape is recognisably a McLaren. Insiders suggest it has been designed with frequent reassembly by future owners in mind.”

And here’s what they meant by “spotted”:

So, it’s clearly a LEGO and clearly a McLaren, and if we had to take a guess at the model, we’d say it’s the Senna. First off, LEGO’s already done a720S model , so it’s not that. Second, it looks like a Senna, even if it has fewer carbon fibre elements and more right angles. And third, LEGO actually already has a Senna listed for US$15 on its US website . Can YOU spot the difference?

McLaren says the “story will build” in 2019.

Source: Driving

December 6, 2018