Intending to lure youngers buyers to the burgeoning AMG fold, Mercedes-Benz discovers real class in its new hot-to-trot baby A45, the A35 4Matic.

In fact, if we’re to believe the rumoured hype – that the 2019 A45 will be packing 300kW – then this newly introduced A35 AMG seems perfectly positioned. Loitering mid-way between the A250 4Matic and the forthcoming A45 in both power output and price, the A35 could well be the fast, but not as feral, performance hatch punters are looking for.

Is the A35 right for me?

Alongside the A250 4Matic it’s based on, the A35 is quite a different beast for $10K-plus. It blends all the new A-Class’s high-fashion technology with significantly enhanced underpinnings, making it drive more like a lesser-powered new-gen A45 than an uprated A250.

If ultimate steering precision, front-end bite, and yaw-moment gains in switching the stability control to ESP Sport mean absolutely nothing to you, then stick to the A250 4Matic with AMG-Line package. But if something we just mentioned brings a twinkle to your eye, then the A35 could have your name on it.

Source: Drive

December 13, 2018