This isn’t a car, so much as it is a moving set of aftermarket pieces designed to show Nissan 370Z owners just how wild you can get. Welcome to Project Clubsport 23.

Of course, Nissan 370Z owners need no further explanation of just how tuneable the big-hearted old bruiser is. We suspect they might not have realised just how orange they could make it, mind…

Anyway, this one’s been fettled quite a bit. Nissan Motorsports and MA Motorsports used a 2012 370Z as a base for its upcoming SEMA show star, and swapped out the 3.7-litre nat-asp V6 for a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 more commonly used by Infiniti. Here, it produces 400bhp.

There’s a cold air intake kit, motorsport blow-off valves, a bespoke dual exhaust system and upgrades to the factory cooling and steering systems. MA also developed a clutch disc, cover and flywheel assembly in order to keep the Z’s six-speed manual gearbox intact. Difficult because that 3.0-litre twin-turbo is normally only mated to an automatic.

There’s a two-way Nismo GT diff, Nismo discs and pads, stainless steel brake lines, and more suspension goodies from Nissan’s fabled motorsport arm: new front and rear suspension components, a three-piece body brace, along with KW coilovers and Eibach rear springs.

Naturally, any modified 370Z needs proper wheels, and this one gets proper wheels. RAYS aluminium wheels, measuring 18in. Oh, and an orange body wrap, Sparco competition seats, Nismo body panels with many splitters, much carbon fibre and even an air dam.

“Depending on interest levels,” we’re told, “Nissan Motorsports may offer a ‘builder’s kit’ that consists of hard parts and electrical components to assist customers with building their own ultimate track Z car.”

And that’s half the fun of something like this, right? Building your own mini-muscle/track car using a proven base. What do you reckon to Nissan’s SEMA show effort?

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Source: TopGear

October 31, 2018