Nissan has confirmed its bespoke Nismo Heritage Parts program will this year offer period-accurate spare parts to R33 and R34 Skyline owners, such was the success of the concept’s inaugural launch last year.

In November 2017, Nissan confirmed that a limited run of components were being manufactured and made available to owners of the 1989 through 1995 R32 Skyline.

Factory-made, yes, albeit via a slightly different methodology in order to avoid legal complexities with previous suppliers. A successful venture it was, too, with a catalogue of nearly 80 different parts being speedily snapped up by clamoring, wallet-clasping R32 owners.

This year Nismo Heritage Parts has now cast its net further afield, tailoring 160 re-fashioned exterior, powertrain, electrical and various mechanical components to owners of the ’94 to ’98 R33 and/or the ’98 to ’02 R34.

In another development of the program, Nissan is also zeroing in on harder-to-source items like new weather stripping and power window switches, and even more on top of the 160-strong line-up could be added depending on customer feedback.

No mention yet though of the overnight postage fees from Japan though. Ouch!

Source: Driving

December 4, 2018