Lego has been really knocking it out of the part lately for us car enthusiasts. Between massive Technic kits of supercars with working features, large-scale Creator sets that look more like scale models than Lego kits, and the diminutive (but still fun) minifigure-scale Speed Champions sets, Lego has cast a wide net to lure car fanatics into the toy aisle of their nearest department store.

While many of Legos larger kits include another set of instructions to build a secondary model with the same parts, its rarely worth the effort. Thats no longer the case for owners of the excellent Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS kit. One industrious Lego fanatic has figured out how to use the Porsches pieces to rebuild the kit into a Lancia Stratos, the wedge-shaped, mid-engine Italian rally weapon of the 70s.

It uses only one optional part not included in the kit, but the instructions alone will cost you €15, or about $17. While the interior is slightly less detailed than the Porsches, the Stratoss natural good looks are on full display. Like the Porsche it cannibalizes, the steering, gearbox, doors, and engine move and function like the real thing.

Its truly impressive that the creator was able to make a realistic-looking representation of the Stratos using only parts from a completely different car kit (plus the solitary extra part). In fact, wed wager that this actually looks better than Legos Porsche kit. While the GT3 RS kit is technically impressive, its hardly what one would call attractive.

With that said, wed be tempted to drop some serious coin on two copies of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS kit, just so that we wouldnt have to choose which one wed like to have on display at any given time.

Source: Kamil Kaluski on Hooniverse

Source: Motor1

February 13, 2019