Groupe Renault has unveiled an all-new electric light commercial vehicle (LCV) concept, Renault EZ-FLEX, at the recently concluded Viva Tech 2019, in Paris. Designed to be an improved and efficient mobility solution for urban delivery system, the new Renault EZ-FLEX concept was revealed in April 2019, as an experimental, electric and connected LCV that is compact and easy to handle and features a modular rear design, for different applications. In fact, Renault has partnered with La Poste Group, the postal service company in France, for an experimental run and they will work together to develop and further improve this urban delivery ecosystem.

Talking about Renault EZ-FLEX, Denis Le Vot, Alliance Director of the Renault-Nissan Commercial Vehicles Division, said, "With traffic congestion in cities and the rise of e-commerce, urban deliveries are transforming. As a European leader in vans and light commercial vehicles, Groupe Renault is duty bound to continue proposing disruptive solutions. Renault EZ-FLEX, an experimental light commercial vehicle, gives us the opportunity to join forces with La Poste Group, through an innovative and collaborative approach designed to develop and anticipate future practices in urban deliveries."

Renault EZ-Flex Electric Concept has a compact footprint, measuring 3860 mm in length, 1650 mm in width, and 1880 mm in height

As for the vehicle itself, the all-electric Renault EZ-FLEX is a compact footprint, measuring 3860 mm in length, 1650 mm in width, and 1880 mm in height. The vehicle comes with a loading bay area alone is about 3000 mm long, and a loading height of 760 mm above ground, while the payload capacity is said to be around 250 kg. Along with its compact size, the EZ-FLEX is also said to offer easy-handling in order to meet the mobility requirements of delivery persons. Although the detailed technical specifications are, the company has confirmed the all-electric EZ-FLEX, offering a range of 150 km on a full battery charge, suitable for the urban environment. In retrospect, Renault says that in France, urban deliveries require driving 50 km per day on average.

Renault EZ-FLEX is connected and equipped with an array of sensors as well. These will be used to collect and analyse data on use, routes, mileage, range, speed and the number of stops, with the objective of forging a better understanding of the reality of everyday deliveries. Analysis of vehicle data and feedback from postal staff will serve for a greater understanding of the day-to-day realities of last mile deliveries. Furthermore, its modular rear design will help in implementing multiple applications.

Source: CarAndBike

May 31, 2019