Styling changes over the original 4L include vivid blue seats, a blanked-off front grille, the addition of a bespoke luggage rack and the removal of the rear seats, presumably to make space for the drive unit. 

The wheelbase has been shortened as a homage to the rugged, 4L-based JP4 off-roader of the 1980s, with larger wheels added for a beach buggy-style stance.   

The e-Plein Air remains a concept for now, with Renault expressing no intent to bring it to production, although its creators say that they “will of course be attentive to the reactions of enthusiasts and potential customers”.

A convertible version of the 4L isnt a new concept: the original Plein Air was launched in 1968 as a rival to the beach-oriented, 2CV-based Méhari

Originally developed with a four-wheel drive system to meet the needs of the French Army, the Plein Air concept was made front-wheel-drive-only for production. However, it was more expensive than the Mehari and axed in 1970 after just 563 examples had been sold. 

The e-Plein Air is the latest in a flurry of electrified classic cars. UK-based firm Swindon Powertrain’s electric Mini is on sale now from £79,000, while Charge Automotive revealed its limited-run electric Ford Mustang at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Swind E electric classic Mini on sale from £79,000​

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Source: AutoCar

August 7, 2019