Turns out, if you’re one of the prospective customers whose application for a brand-new Ford GT was denied, but you still fancy treating yourself for Christmas, Sotheby’s may have the answer for you.

This is a 7 ¼-inch by 3 ¼-inch replica of the re-imagined first-gen GT that arrived in 2006, itself a tribute to the Le Mans-winning GT40 from the 1960s.

It’s built by Ahee Jewelers of Grosse Point, Michigan, and it’s rarer than rare with only one of its kind said to be in existence.

It was commissioned by a ‘descendent’ of Sir Henry Ford to commemorate the centennial of the Blue Oval. And it’s on sale at auction through Sotheby’s for an estimated US$30,000 to $40,000.

To put that into perspective, that kind of money could get you a base level Honda Civic Type-R or more than a dozen magnums of Bugatti champagne. Yes, really

So, yes, a colossal amount of loose change to fish out of the couch for effectively a grandiose paperweight, but it does start to make sense – sort of – when you realise this meticulous 1/25-scale replica is made entirely from two-toned 18-karat gold. Aside from the tires at least, and even they replicate the tread pattern on the actual production GT.

Galling a prospect as it is (you really would not want to drop this thing) the model apparently ‘encourages interaction from the admirer,’ given that both doors, open as does the ‘trunk’ and engine bay.

Fortunately you won’t have to worry about your new gold acquisition either rolling off of or buckling your desk and chequebook, Scrooge McDuck, as the gold Ford only weighs 3.25 pounds (around 1.5 kg) and also comes with its own bespoke, if slightly weathered, display case.

Source: Driving

December 1, 2018