It’s got to be hard for a resurrected brand to reinvent itself coming into one of the toughest segments in the Australian market.

Of course, South Korean maker SsangYong is throwing absolutely everything it can at customers to make the Musso stick; seven-year warranty, local suspension tuning, roadside assist, capped-price servicing and one of the sharpest prices in a market dominated by an established lineup.

But the new Musso is proving to be more than just a cheap dual-cab ute.

Born from the seven-seat Rexton SUV’s platform, the Musso adopts a five-link coil-sprung live axle rear-end underneath its shapely panels with two sizes of tray while gaining most of the plushness found in the high-riding family car. It’s the opposite of ladder-frame SUVs like the Everest that’s sprung from the Ranger ute.

The result is a softer appearance thats not blockbuster tough but works, good ride and refinement, and the sort of debutant you’d hope to see from SsangYong’s South Korean compatriots Kia and Hyundai.

Is it right for me?

Two sizes of Musso will be available in Australia but for now, the brand is launching with this short body ‘lifestyle’ ute.

Offering only a 1300mm tray that’s shorter than rivals closer to 1600mm, the long body Musso which arrives next year will eclipse even those competitors with 1700mm of length.

Regardless, the short body isn’t missing out much, having the deepest and one of the widest tubs in the business, easily big enough to swallow a car fridge and gear without tipping over the rim. It also has a 3.5-tonne towing capacity that isn’t shy of tugging along a trailer.

Further unique selling points are one of largest departure angles at 23.4 degrees, due to the short rear hangover which makes it a good option for off-roading.

And the cabin is properly spacious and comfortable if considering a part-time family ute.

Source: Drive

December 5, 2018