Lexus plans to unveil a new superfast coupe at the Detroit auto show in January, just months before it hits the market.

The RC F Track Edition, which goes on sale in spring, reflects the brands "Experience Amazing" evolution, said Cooper Erickson, vice president of marketing for the Lexus Division of Toyota Motor North America.

"Its about adding fun driving dynamics, styling, excitement, passion, emotion on to our traditional brand strengths," he said in an interview Thursday in Detroit.

Bob Carter, Toyotas executive vice president for North America sales, told Automotive News:"Theres still some of us that like to drive fast, and theres some of us that like to drive really fast. And for those customers, we have something theyll enjoy."

Production will be “very very limited,” Carter said.

“With the exception of LF-A, this is the fastest most powerful vehicle that we’ve ever built,” he said.

Source: Autonews

December 6, 2018