Folks, even Toyota readily admits the Supra’s debut in Detroit is among the auto industry’s “worst-kept secrets.” The automaker said as much today in what is technically the first actual word about the sports car’s big return to come straight from Toyota HQ, even though Toyota Germany told the world about it nearly a month ago on Facebook. That post has since been edited, but not before everybody and their brother got the info.

This, then, is the official official heads up from Toyota, and it even comes with a new teaser photo featured at the top of the page. Granted it’s not much to go on, especially when you consider the plethora of spy photos we’ve seen over the years, and with those camouflaged shots going all the way back to September 2016, we do mean years. At that point we thought it would arrive in 2018, and when BMW unveiled the Z4 earlier this year we thought the Supra – which of course shares the Bimmers platform and powertrain – would be shortly behind. Instead, we got the racing concept and more photos of cars in camo wrap. We’ve even freaking driven the car already, at least in prototype form. 

Still, this is all leading to the actual production car people can buy, which we know will debut in January and, according to Toyota, will "reach global markets" in the first half of 2019. And despite all the lead-up, there will likely be some nifty surprises still in store for the reveal. We’ll give the automaker’s marketing team some credit – hype for this car is freaking off-the-scale at this point.

Thats usually a good thing, but it could also come back to bite Toyota hard. We can’t think of any other car in recent memory so hotly anticipated as the new Supra, but that also means expectations are very high. If it should fall short, all this pent-up desire among enthusiasts could turn to massive backlash and disappointment.

Either way, we’ll find out early next year in Detroit.

Source: Toyota

Source: Motor1

October 30, 2018