Update: Were being told the debut should start around8:15PM PDT, so news should be flowing any time now.


Once upon a time, Tesla pretty much had the fully electric car market all to itself. Competition is heating up, however, and the new Model Y will seek to carve a larger slice of the SUV pie. Technically speaking, the Model 3-based machine might be better classified as a crossover, and that’s a very big deal since crossovers and SUVs are figuratively and literally killing sedans not just in North America, but around the world. Up to now, Tesla’s only offering in the segment has been the Model X, and while it’s a very slick (and absurdly fast) people mover, it’s also very expensive. That changes now, and frankly, the Model Y’s importance for Tesla can’t be overstated.

The covers are officially off, and at first glance the much-anticipated Model Y looks to be a proper contender in the compact crossover market. We will be updating this article as more information is revealed during Tesla’s official Model Y launch event, happening right now.

Source: Tesla


Source: Motor1

March 14, 2019