Rumors that a Tesla Model S and Model X refresh was arriving this year have been partially confirmed, with the electric carmaker announcing Tuesday afternoon that its flagship vehicles have been updated to use a completely new and highly-efficient drivetrain design, along with a new adaptive suspension.

Model S Long Range will have an industry leading 370-mile range per single charge, while Model X will boast a 325-mile range per charge. Tesla notes that the range increase is due in large part to a new drive unit design that leverages an optimized permanent magnet motor, improved cooling, bearings, and new gear design to achieve greater than 93% efficiency. The end result is improved range from the same 18650 cells being used in the Model S and Model X 100 kWh battery pack.

By improving drivetrain efficiency, Tesla has been able to effectively increase range by more than 10%. By improving the flow of energy out of the battery and back in through regenerative braking, Tesla was also able to further improve acceleration in the Model S and Model X.

“In addition to adding range, power and torque increases significantly across all Model S and Model X variants, improving 0-60 mph times for our Long Range and Standard Range models.”

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Source: TeslaRati

April 23, 2019