The SEMA auto show – aka the Specialty Equipment Market Association show – is officially a show where aftermarket hot-rod manufacturers come to flaunt their wares to potential power-hungry customers.

What it’s also turned into is a battleground for domestic automakers, as well as a few import ones, to show how crazy they can get when they let their hair down, testing reaction to concepts with an eye to future production.

So, while the consumer news at the Mopar booth is the new – and this is truly unreal – 1,000-horsepower 426 “Hellephant” HEMI crate engine, FCA may have a little more up its sleeves, too.

First, that crazy engine. Thanks to its 4.125-inch bore and 4.000-inch stroke, it displaces a touch more than its namesake’s 426 cubic inches—427.65 cubes, in fact. For those not old-school enough to realize how gargantuan that is, it’s a whopping 7.0 litres of supercharged delight.

Said supercharger pumps out goodness-knows how many psi of power-inducting boost – Mopar isn’t currently saying how much – enough to also twist the crankshaft with 950 pound-feet of torque.

Mopar says all this madness is transmitted to the rear wheels via a stock T-6060 manual six-speed Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat transmission.

And, consider this: the production Hellcat smokes its super-sticky Pirelli P-Zeros with just a hint of throttle, and it only has 707 horses. What is an even 1,000 going to do?

Perhaps the even more important question is: which car will harness all that power? Or, more specifically, will FCA build the “Super Charger” concept car that housed the Hellephant at SEMA?

Faithfully patterned after the classic 1968 Dodge Charger, the “De Grigio” Grey concept is an absolute stunner with its “wide-body” stance, pronounced fender flares and long, spoilered tail. Twenty-inch “Devil’s” rims, Brembo six-pot brakes and Alfa Romeo Stelvio five-inch exhaust tips re-engineered to run through the taillamp housing complete the package.

Wow! C’mon, Chrysler, make this one happen. Put the Super Charger into production!

Source: Driving

October 30, 2018