Tyres have inspired many shoes. But we’re not sure a shoe has ever inspired a tyre. Until now, anyway. 

What you’re looking at here is a completely ordinary Lexus UX crossover, except for the fact it’s wearing a set of tyres designed specifically to look like a pair of Nike Air Force trainers. Part of a collaboration with fashion designer John Elliott (us neither), the all-white tyres feature double-stitched leather and a “stepped metal air valve evocative of his stacked metal lace tip”. 

We suspect practicality was of little concern to Mr Elliott when he was designing these tyres. As the only bits of your car that should come into contact with the road, tyres tend to get a bit grubby. And if they’re white, they’ll look ridiculous the moment you turn a wheel. Then there’s the issue of grip. Leather isn’t known for its adhesive properties, after all…

Good thing that this is merely a concept, then. A way for Lexus to make a bit of noise at New York Fashion Week, where the car was revealed, and tout its “youthful” and “urban” credentials. 

Source: TopGear

February 12, 2019