It seems Toyota is in the Halloween spirit this year, which also happens to mark the 50th anniversary for the tough-as-nails Hilux pickup. That’s right, the truck that still ran (sort of anyway) even after Top Gear literally dropped a building on it is now 50 years old. To celebrate – and to prepare us all for the zombie invasion we know is coming – Toyota offers the aptly named Hilux Invincible 50 limited-edition pickup. Seriously, hit the press release below to see Toyota’s interesting take on how this particular model will fare in the face of a mindless zombie horde.

As the photos suggest, it’s not a standard Hilux. There’s a whopping big roll bar in the bed crowned with four large LED spotlights, so there won’t be any problems seeing what’s in front of you. Aiding that view is a modest 1.5-inch lift in front and a .75-inch lift in the rear, accomplished through upgraded suspension components that include new dampers. Toyota also gives the Invincible 50 a bit more adjustability on the driver’s seat.

On the electronics side, the truck is fitted with Toyota’s Safety Sense Pre-Collision System, which the company says “can pinpoint the undead in your path.” Frankly, if we’re trying to get out of a monster-infested town we’d rather mow those zombies over, but we understand this whole Halloween gag can only go so far. Point being, this special-edition Hilux gets the latest safety tech in addition to some tough tweaks. The rest of the truck is standard-issue, including the 2.4-liter engine and traditional four-wheel drive. Then again, why fix something that isnt broken? After all, there is a reason the Hilux has endured for a half-century now.

Toyota will only build 50 of these special-edition models to commemorate the truck’s 50-year production run, with sales limited to UK buyers only starting on – you guessed it – Halloween.

Source: Toyota

Source: Motor1

October 29, 2018