Toyota Kirloskar Motor is moving towards renewable sources of energy across its business operations in India in a bid to meet the Global Environment Challenge 2050. The company has successfully sourced 87 per cent electricity used in its Bidadi plant from renewable sources. Toyota started the process of greening its energy sources in FY 2015-16 and has installed in-house solar power plants at the rooftops and open fields of its facility which produces a combined 8.4 megawatts of energy. The renewable energy source at Toyota Kirloskar Motor in the last three years has increased to up to 45 per cent.

Speaking on Toyotas move towards sustainable production, Masakazu Yoshimura, Managing Director - Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, "Business can play a significant leadership role in accelerating the transition to a lower-carbon economy, we see renewable energy to be a key component of climate action efforts. As a responsible corporate citizen, we at Toyota strongly believe in the philosophy of "Respect for the Planet". Reiterating our commitment to enable greener environment, TKM sources clean energy and adopts smart manufacturing systems towards Toyotas ultimate global mission of Zero Carbon Emission".

In a bid to become sustainable, Toyota has adopted energy conservation techniques such as factory floors and outside of the company. It has installed new technologies like servo press, global body welding line, wet on wet painting with enhanced energy efficiency levels of the manufacturing equipment, resulting in the overall reduction of Co2 emissions. It has also adopted the concepts of Yosedome - flexibility to alter the scale as per production needs. Moreover, the Japanese carmaker is also practicing techniques like reverse refrigeration system, centralized control of chillers and adoption of smart air conditioners.

Source: CarAndBike

March 25, 2019