Volkswagen is hoping to build a giant battery factory in Europe in partnership with Korean company SK Innovations in order to mitigate supply issues.

Currently, Volkswagen is partnered with Korean company LG Chem to make batteries for its electric cars, but a partnership with the third-largest battery manufacturer in the nation could mean a fast-track to solid-state batteries, which would put the automaker miles ahead of the competition with lithium-ion units. This innovation also comes as ceramic separator technology makes large advances, which are a key in mass-producing solid-state batteries.

Germany’s Manager Magazin —hat tip to Carscoops for an English version — reports the deal worth billions of dollars, while still currently in negotiation, will see a final decision made soon. VW CEO Herbert Diess said the dependence on Asian battery manufacturers should only be short term; a gigafactory built in Germany would make them much more independent.

By 2025, VW hopes to sell three million electric vehicles per year, and this pre-emptive partnership could stop future issues with supply and production before they have a chance to rear their ugly heads.

In the meantime, the I.D. Hatchback will be the firs all-new Volkswagen EV to be released. It will likely be called the Neo, and it will have three ranges to choose from, starting with 330 and up to 600 kilometres.

Source: Driving

October 29, 2018