When you think about tackling the dusty trails of Americas vast expanse, the last vehicle youd likely think could conquer the wilderness is a minivan. Theyre family haulers designed to carry kids and soccer equipment two towns over for a Saturday-morning contest. But for Journeys Off Road, the Toyota Sienna proved the perfect platform for a few off-road upgrades. The company offers a 3.5-inch lift kit for the 2004-2010 and 2011-2019 Toyota Sienna—and its dirt cheap.


There are two kits—one for front-wheel-drive Siennas and another for the all-wheel-drive version. The FWD kit for both generations of the Sienna is $710 while the AWD kit is just $40 more at $750. That doesnt include installation; however, thats an affordable buy-in price for converting your everyday minivan into an overland machine. The kits include two strut extensions, two sway bar links, two camber adjustment bolts, two rear axle drop brackets, two coil spring spacers, two extended rear brake lines, and two rear bump stock/shock extensions, along with all the necessary hardware and instructions.

No, the Sienna may not be the most attractive off-road vehicle; however, its not about the glamour. In the video above (1:23:34-1:28:00), the Journeys Off Road representative at Overland Expo 2019 explains the kits are about affordability and accessibility. The cheap kits help put overlanding in reach for everyday folks, the company bringing a 2004 Toyota Sienna to show off the kit. It has about 240,000 miles on the odometer, and the company, in total, has invested less than $10,000 into the build, which includes new paint. Since the conversion, the company has added 45,000 miles, 10,000 of which were off-road.

Overlanding is gaining popularity across the country as more and more people are diving in headfirst into the hobby. The Journeys Off Road Toyota Sienna lift kit opens up off-road fun to more people who may not want to invest tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, it offers a chance to dip a toe into the overlanding experience even if you get a few strange looks on the trails.

Source and Photos: Journeys Off Road, Mixflip YouTube Channel

Source: Motor1

May 31, 2019